Fundacja Towarzystwo przyjaciół

Society OF FRIENDS foundation

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"Pomagajcie sobie nawzajem w praktyczny sposób, kiedy pojawia się potrzeba, co jest minimalnym wymogiem miłości." 

"Tender to one another in all convenient outward things, for that is the least love." 

George Fox,  założyciel Towarzystwa Przyjaciół (Kwakrów)

George Fox, founder of Society of Friends (Quakers)

We apologize for our possible mistakes, but English is not our native language, 

therefore we ask for your understanding ...



... You can support us in several ways ... 

Donation for purposes of the Foundation

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Your kind donation will support our Fund for Practical Human Rights Defend in Poland.

Thanks to your donation, we will be able to support more people who are struggling with their problems and help them to solve these troubles as quickly as it is possible.

What exactly we will spend the donation money on is described below.

And all donation, of course, you can deduct from the income, according to the tax law in your country and your money will return to you in a part.

If you have sent us a donation, please let us know about it by e-mail:

and we send you back a confirmation of your donation to your e-mail or address. 


Fund for Human Rights Defend in Poland ...

... then how we spend the funds given by Your generosity:

a) purchase of paper and tonerwhich we consume horrible amounts to write official letters and copy documents for our Beneficiaries,

b) purchase envelopes and stamps for correspondence with our Beneficiaries and sending official letters to various institutions in their cases,

c) cost of access to the internet, because without that we could not gain any information for our Beneficiaries, 

d) cost of phone calls we make in solving the problems of our Beneficiaries ... and phone calls They make from our phones, because generally "they have nothing in their accounts",

e) business travel expenses to make for solving the problems of our Beneficiaries,

f) costs of solicitors, if the problems of our Beneficiaries are beyond our experience and competence,

g) purchase food ... because They many times come to us hungry ...  

h) organising the Support Group for social excluded people, especially for people suffering depression, 

i) ... and many unexpected expenses more :) 

About what we dream ? We dream about hiring to this work a few experienced and enthusiastic persons for permanent, because until now we do all this work as volunteers, in time "stolen" from our families and jobs, and our Beneficiaries we have almost every day, sometimes we have really hard times ...

Thank You heartily for Your generosity :)